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Olympic Reviews

Gary Hall, Jr. 3 time Olympian, 10X Olympic Medalists and Hall of Fame Swimmer

Marc Foster 5 Time British Olympic Swimmer

Mike Bottom Former Olympic Swimmer and University of Michigan Swim Coach



Professional Athletes' Reviews...

Jamal Mashburn Former NBA Player 

Tarik King Former NFL Player 

Tomas Garcia Former MLB Player and Personal Trainer 


Some Of Our Patient Reviews...

Armando Guttierez Miami Attorney 

Karla shares her experience under Dr. Moyal's care

Karim is an Italian artist who shares his experience with the DRS Non Surgical Disc treatment results

Nicole is a Massage Therapist and talented singer and shares her experience with her care in Dr. Moyal's office

Adam Shares his experience with Dr. Moyal's care

Helena of Miami speaks about her results in Dr. Moyal's office