About Dr. Moyal

head-shot-onlyDr. William Moyal, DC, CCSP, is a Certified Sports Chiropractor with 30+ years of treating Elite athletes and patients from 86+ Countries with serious chronic and difficult neck, back, joint, disc and sports injuries.

He is a leading authority in Functional Biomechanics and Movement Palpation Analysis having studied under 30 of the top Medical, Osteopathic, and Chiropractic physicians of the 20th Century.

magazineflatHe is an author (two books to date), seminar instructor, the creator of the Psoas Release Technique™, and the exclusive Moyal Specific 6 Step Protocol™ that is currently being taught to doctors all over world. He was the first Nationally Certified Decompression Specialist in the U.S., as well as, an instructor .

Known as “The Hidden Secret of Miami Beach”, Dr. Moyal has been taking care of patients and top athletes from around the World since 1985. His youngest patient to date was 15 minutes old and his oldest 98 years of age.

Over the years, Dr. Moyal has developed a unique approach to figuring out chronic and difficult cases that therapists or other health professionals get frustrated at. He has taught seminars around the U.S. and Western Europe on his work.

As a result of his expertise in Spinal & Extremity Functional & Dysfunctional Biomechanics, Dr. Moyal has had the privilege of working with patients from 86+ Countries to date, including 5,036 World-Class, professional & Olympic Athletes.

His resume includes working with top celebrities, musicians, actors and models on set, as well as, being the personal sports chiropractor to many top professional and Olympians and attending to them at National and International events, besides being a team chiropractor for local high schools, colleges and amateur athletes of all ages.

the specific 6 step protocolHe is an expert on Spinal & Extremity Adjusting, an author, seminar instructor, Motivational speaker and the developer of the Psoas Release Technique™, The Dispersive Factor™, The Law of Compensatory Mechanisms™, Patterns of Injuries™ and has created teaching tools for his peers to improve their skills in order to have more success with the treatment of chronic and difficult conditions in athletes and non-athletes.

He is worked with many top Olympic swimmers and coaches in developing a pre-prevention program that will find their weaknesses and prevent injuries from developing.

pauly shore with Dr. Moyal at volleypalooza tournament 1995We also see professional athletes from some of your favorite NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL teams and the list is still growing both in more sports and number of athletes and Celebrities that contact us to receive “The Moyal Specific 6 Step Protocol™.”