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Moyal Wellness Center
1741 Alton Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139 USA

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(305) 531-2933

Moyal Wellnessw Center, LLC. Dr. William Moyal, DC, CCSP Dr. Steven Hamburg, DC, CCSP

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Patient TestimonialsIf their chronic problems resolved... Could yours also improve?!

Nicholas Kleebinder Nicholas Kleebinder, Former Swedish National Team Decathlete

I came to Dr. Moyal for lower back pain and a problem with my shoulder. He quickly adjusted that and the lower back pain went away. Now I can walk again, sit up, stand and walk without pain. Yesterday I could not even come out of my bed... thank you very much I will come on vacation here more often for my back and shoulders again!

Dr. Zoe Lewis, MD Dr. Zoe Lewis, MD, Internal Medicine Physician

The proof is that you can take a deep breath and move your body without feeling any pain and there is a smile on your face when you leave. As an Internist, I can prescribe surgery, I can offer medications, I can offer advice - but chiropractic treatment is "actually is a solution and is a cure" and is recommended 100%! Thank you Dr. Moyal

Davide Caldera Davide Caldera, Herniated Disc Pain Sufferer

I came to Dr. Moyal because I had a compressed disc in my spine and I have been doing therapy for roughly a month and I feel a Million times better. I have two more month of therapy and I am sure I'm going to get rid of my problem completely. I went from having severe pain not to feel nearly anything! I am playing tennis again like before.